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All About The Bait is a company founded by Steve Nakano. Steve created the successful Key West Kayak Fishing YouTube channel, focused on kayak fishing in the Florida Keys. Steve and I share an enthusiasm for kayak fishing, and his channel was a great help to me the first time I fished in the Keys. It continues to be a great resource for news and information as I plan my vacations.

I designed a series of logos for All About The Bait. Each shares a common structure but displays a unique type of saltwater baitfish, crustacean, or critter. This emphasizes both the importance of using the correct bait in a given fishing situation as well as the great variety of such baits available.

Some of the products available through All About The Bait, such as long-sleeve fishing shirts, feature designs I’ve created. There is also a line of stickers featuring each of the ten logos. The product line will be growing quickly.