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I continue to design shirts for the All About The Bait website, and continue to enjoy the project. This is my favorite design so far, which is saying something because they’re all top notch (he said in a self-congratulatory tone)!


All About The Bait is a company founded by Steve Nakano. Steve created the successful Key West Kayak Fishing YouTube channel, focused on kayak fishing in the Florida Keys. Steve and I share an enthusiasm for kayak fishing, and his channel was a great help to me the first time I fished in the Keys. It continues to be a great resource for news and information as I plan my vacations.

I designed a series of logos for All About The Bait. Each shares a common structure but displays a unique type of saltwater baitfish, crustacean, or critter. This emphasizes both the importance of using the correct bait in a given fishing situation as well as the great variety of such baits available.